Dynamic component bug when importing

Hi here,

I’ve made a dynamic component for carpentry and everything is working fine in my parent file.

When i’m importing this component in new file is working well, but if there another dynamic component in my file before I import it it’s like my component is taking the attribute of the former component. Sometimes it’s not working at all also if this component is alone in a new file.

Every each component of this dynamic component is singly named but i observe that some component are keeping another name.

Also observe the attribute of this component are changed by the attribute of another one component.

Thanks a lot for your answer!


What happens if you bring the component into the model via the Components panel instead of importing it?

same thing happen

Did you create the Dynamic Component and then use File>Save to save it? Or did you save it via the components panel?

I observe the unworking components of this dynamic component are those who arent named like i named them in the parent file

I use file>save i made a new folder and a new name of file

It would be better and easier to use the method intended for saving components using the Components panel. Then, when you want to use the component, bring it in from the Components panel. Doing it the way you are doing it you wind up creating an extraneous top level component which is likely to be causing your problem here.

Save your components to the folder via the Components panel. Open the secondary pane by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the panel. Set the top one to In Model, the bottom one to your destination folder, then click and drag the thumbnail from the top pane to the bottom one.

Doing it this way will avoid the extra component level. Then when you want to use the component, bring it in from the Components panel.

When you bring the component in from the Components panel you’ll have hold of it by the component’s origin which will make it easier to place precisely where you want it. And each component will be handled separately when you make the adjustments.

I’ve done everything you said but still doesn’t work

Upload the components.

It’s like the second component i dropped is taking the attributes of the 1st one

Caisson_porte_applique_traverse_filante.skp (45.4 KB)
Caisson_porte_applique_traverse_filante_etagere.skp (64.0 KB)
Caisson_porte_applique_traverse_filante_tiroir_Final2.skp (106.8 KB)

As the different DCs are built from the same sub components, these will “cross talk” with preference given to the first loaded, In order to stop this, if the copied or cannibalized subs have same formulas but different names you can use parent! Otherwise when building the different components, use the same file (with all the other versions present) and make all parts that require it unique.

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I often use groups instead of components for the insides of DCs.

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Thank all for reply, going to try to fix it up