Issue with Dynamic Door Component



I followed a tutorial to create a simple dynamic door, and it worked great until I tried to use it in another sketchup session. I am apparently not saving it properly in my component library.

When I bring it into the model with the component browser, it is missing the Rotation “RotZ” attribute. If I add it, the component starts working.

Please give me the detailed process to properly save a new dynamic door component.


Right click the DC and choose from the menu, save as component, then name and save to a folder of your choosing, or the components folder, sub folder named appropriately by you, doors?

C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Components\


I tried “save as”several different ways and naming the DC various names like “door1”. Even the “In Model” version by that name is missing the onclick attribute … while the one I just built works great. When I add an onclick action formula is there something I need to click to “make to stick”?

I’m using 2017. Is something different?


This is not specific to SU2017. If you made the door component and then used File>Save as… to save it, when you import the door into a new model, it will have an extra container around it. If you open that container (the top level component as shown in Outliner) I expect you’ll find the door component with the attributes you set. Is that right?

When you create a component, either context click on it and choose Save as… or save to a local collection using the Components window. This will avoid the extra container.


Not sure if these screen shots will make it to the forum. If so, it details what I did and what does not work.

Can you see what I have done wrong? I’m sure it is something simple, but I can’t see it.

Thank you so much for your help.



Are you right-clicking on the top most component and selecting Save As from the context menu?

The other thing you will want to do is model in an empty file… if you model in a file that you keep making new version in, you run the risk of referencing a version of a component that already exists in the file.

In summary, start a new file, create component, right-click to save.

(I learned both these things the hard way)


The other thing you should do is share the actual file that you are having a hard time with… the pictures are nice, but if we can look at the file, we can probably get you a better answer much quicker.