Component options lost after saving and closing dynamic component file

I made a dynamic cabinet and had to stop in the middle of working on it because everything takes so much time.

When I re-open my file, there are no component options showing up in the Component Options box.

All the Component Attributes seem to still be there.Dynamic Cabinets.skp (611.0 KB)

This is what I see when I open the file you posted.

If you import the file into another model you will get an additional layer of nesting. Exploding the “Dynamic cabinets” once ought to leave you with your dynamic “Cabinet 1” component. In the file, you can also right-click on the “Cabinet 1” component to save it as a SKP file that you don’t have to explode when importing it into a model.

Hmmmm weird. Ok thank you!

A component is nothing more than a SketchUp file. If you save a SketchUp file with components in it and then import that into another SketchUp file, that imported file will come in as a component that contains other components. If you right click on the component and choose Save as… you’ll save the component without saving the file it’s in.

You could also save the component via the Components panel by opening the secondary pane and dragging the thumbnail from In Model to the destination folder.

Then when you want to use it, drag it in from the Components panel instead of importing it.