Component Options missing when editing exported component


  1. I created a dynamic component with a couple parameters (eg. width, length)
  2. I exported the component to make it a reusable “block” for other models, by right-click > Save as…
  3. I inserted it into a new model and edited its options (eg. width/length for resizing it)
    Great. All is working good.
    Now I want to modify some options in the “block”, the external component I exported: so I open it… but its options are missing, invisible, inaccessible… What happened?
    How can I do?..
    Thank you in advance (I obviously searched around for a solution but found nothing…).

Not sure If that’s gonna help. But I always save Components for future use as a separate skp file. That way when you make changes to original DC and want to implement improved DC into another projects, you simply just have to reload DC inside that project by using original DC.

What I mean is that I copy and paste DC into new skp file and then I save as.

This way when I paste Original DC into my main template file, it has already assigned tags which are aligned with tags in my main file. So I don’t have to do it every time I paste new DC into new projects.

Mmmhhh… Sure, this is an option too.
Thank you
Any other suggestions?

Instead of using Open to access the component, drag it in to a new SketchUp session from the Components panel like you do when you use it in a project. After you’ve made the edits, drag the thumbnail from In Model to the destination folder and overwrite the original.

Using Open essentially removes the top component level and leaves you with just the contents of the component.

This is sort of the reverse of what happens when you create a Dynamic Component and use File>Save to save it. In that case you wind up with an extra level of nesting with the top level not having any options and the next level down is the DC.

Great, Dave! This is THE answer!
Thank you I’ve now experimented that the critical phase is not “saving” but it’s “opening” the component to edit: as you say, it needs to be dragged from its folder into a blank, new model; then, after the modifications it can be saved either dragging it back or Right click > Save as… and replacing the original.
Thanks a lot again!

Correct. I prefer the drag and drop method myself. I find it easier. You can save the component initially that way, too.

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