Iterative Component Drafting


Hello All,
Relatively new to SketchUp and couldn’t find the answer after doing a few searches here and on google. I’m working on creating a dynamic component that will basically work as a configurator. I’m wondering what is the best way to go back and re-edit the master component each time.

Here’s what I did:
I opened a new file, drafted the geometry (several components) and then made all of that into what I’m considering my master component. I created attributes that allow me to toggle off (hide) individual walls. I then saved the component.

Now to go back and edit it further, I figured I’d navigate to the component file, open it and edit. However I can’t see any of the master components attributes or options, only the underlying components.

So back to my question:
If I want to edit my master component and lets say add a new attribute, change underlying components/geometry, etc do I need to open a new file, insert the component, edit it there, then save it again over the original? Is there any easier way to edit a saved component?


Components are saved using the right click menu (context sensitive). To work or update one you insert an instance either by your own broswer (drag and drop) or the inbuilt broswer, after finding its folder. Once okay, use the right click “saveas”


If you save out a component to a separate file, the file doesn’t contain the component but is the component. This in itself is very logical, as a component can be thought of as an embedded model, with its own axes and all. However, the way the Dynamic Component extension is designed it can be quite confusing, as you no longer have access to a bunch of attributes, not have the ability to scale from the outside, when opening this external file.