Can't edit attributes in a dynamic component

Hi, i`ve been working with some dynamic components i have to recreate from another company, its my first time using these type of components so im kinda struggling. The thing is: i got this library of components that i import into the model using the library on my device, into the model i can manipulate it, configurate the attributes and all that, just by clicking on it (not animation, but configuration of lenght, etc).

If i open the root file, the original one, i cant access to this configuration, its like a normal group of objects, as if its attributes were inserted on some other way or method, i feel like im missing some step.

On the other hand, if i make a component, i configurate it, for example, i make 2 parts that move according to an angle of rotation, i have two group of objects that i selected together and created a component, then i proceed to give it attributes. i save it, BUT then i import it from the library onto ANOTHER empty file, and i cant access to the attributes, i have to make double click and open it to access the configuration, i dont know if i explained my self, please help !!

Your profile says you are using SketchUp free… dynamic components are not available in SketchUp Free.

DCs are saved as special component files via the right click context menu. To work on such you do not open this file as the parent (file) attributes will not be visible. Rather place an instance in a working file. then change and overwrite the existing via the right click saveas, not the normal file saveas.

use this working file to create copies to further change, but for each new change to be saved assure it is completely unique otherwise they will conflict with each other. The extension “deep unique” assures that all parts are unique as well

Eneroth Deep Make Unique | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I fixed it

Buy i have to achieve to let all DCs ready to use for my colleagues at work, as they did with the old DCs, they just place them from the library and use them and modifĂ­cate them, how can I do this ? To leave the DCS ready to work

At work, place one from the library, in to a new working fie, copy it and make it fully unique (Eneroth extension)
Its important when making modifications or building on existing that you do the changes on a completely unique DC within the environment of any others. This is to assure no cross talk with any part. You can also confirm this by looking at the entity info panel (should only be one in model for each part)
Once modified, you can use the right click context menu to saveas either as a replacement or a new type

Te dejo el link a unos tutoriales hechos por Alejandro Soriano @alsomar, sobre componentes dinámicos, están muy buenos y fáciles de entender.

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Maybe im not explaining myself, here i was able to made a few screenshots.
In the fist picture as you can see, i opened the "root"original file, this has inside 3 groups and if i click on attributes i see nothing.

BUT in the second picture, if i import this exact file from the library i can do all these changes and configurations, how is this possible? when all these features were compiled?

There was a bug in '22 that might be happening for you in '23. If you open the Component Options/Attributes before you have the Dynamic Component selected they aren’t detected. Try making sure you have the DC in the model and selected before opening the Dynamic Components Attributes/Options.

select just one of the sub-components, not all three

Its the same, if i do that i can only access to modificate the attributes of each sub component,separatedly. Im missing the part when this person (who configurated this originally) has inserted the attributes for the whole component.

Standard.skp (59.5 KB)

consider this component file if you open it you will only see the groups,
and you can only alter these

however if you load (drag drop) into a new file the parent options will be available, that is the definition will be loaded and a new instance will appear

click the f(n) to reveal formulas

i think i finally got it, thank you so much for your patience!