Dynamic Component - editing the original attributes

Hi, I’m in the process of creating dynamic components. I’ve actually created a cabinet, with nested components that means I can just type in h,w,d etc. Pretty pleased with myself as I’m only a novice!

However, I’ve then realised I want to update a few things within the DC. I seem to be able to make the changes ok, but can’t then save it back to my library so future use in other files will carry the change. How do I do that? It’s probably totally simple but I’m stumped.

All help gratefully rec’d…

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It is not simple, depending on the changes, you would have to update all made Dynamic Components in your library.
*Insert the component file into a ‘work file’
*Rightclick->Save As

If you have numerous, some rubyscripting might be handy.
All DC’s have an Attribute Dictionary, which you could inspect/edit with an extension like Attribute Inspector


How each attribute is manipulated by the DC extension, can be read here:


To reuse or re-purpose an existing Dynamic Component, it may be best to use the generic ‘parent’ term rather than the attribute dialog name,

= parent!myattribute

= parent! LenX

Rather than

=cabinet! Myattribute

=cabinet! LenX


Then copy then make the parent unique (right click menu) and also, every sub-component
Make sure that the scale definition is grey (right click menu) otherwise select this menu item.
Any groups must be rebuilt or use a ruby script to make them unique

Then you can change the parent definition name or subs to suit your needs, then use saveas to save them to your dedicated folder, Thus any association with the original or its scale is broken

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Further to editing a DCs Sub parts position, best to make sure you can see its parent in the dialog, otherwise the geometry will jump to match its current axis rather than the parents, though fixable with a redraw when the component is closed, just annoying.

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Thank you, I’ll give take a look when my brain is back in the game :slight_smile: