Attributes not saving and importing afterward

I would need advice what is going wrong.
When I used attribute inspector to create new attributes in couple of subcomponents in my cabinet at once it did create them. Than I saved the cabinet. I did import it to the same opened model and there you go the created attributes in the subcomponents were there.
For test I opened new sketchup window and imported the cabinet. But this time the attributes were not in the subcomponents.
So why is it not saving the cabinet with the new attributes? Or is it that it doesn’t import cabinet with new attributes? And what am I missing ? Maybe @MikeWayzovski could know what is the issue? Thank you

Could you upload the workfile?

Thanks @MikeWayzovski,
as you can see in the cabinet there is the orange top . i need to copy attributes absedlha1 and so on up to abshkratka3 from the top to both sides and bottom parts.
as i said when i do it , it does work when i save the component and import it again in the same opened skp working file.
when i close the file and open a new one , then import the dc cabinet. and the attributes are not there at all. i dont understand it. i you could have a look.
dont be surprised when if you dont understand what you read its in Slovak language.
thank you for your timecabinet_attributes_saving_problem.skp (8.0 MB)

In order to import component attributes they need to be save upon the component definition not upon the instances.

If you are hacking DCs you need to understand how the closed source DCs basically work.

DC attributes and formulas are defined upon the DC definition. Instances when placed into a model will use the default dynamic values from their parent definition. But if the instance is changed then the instance will get the changed dynamic attribute saved into it’s own dynamic dictionary.

Nested dynamic groups will have all of their dynamic attributes saved upon the group instance (and not the group definition.)

(And that’s as deep as I’m going to go with the DCs here. This has been discussed many times in the Ruby category and in the Dynamic Components category.)

@DanRathbun thanks.
First i am not hacking anything. I don’t know what you meant with it.
It is a universal cabinet that does things I need and I did developed it from scratch . I do understand very much how dcs work.
I actually learn all of it here.
I set the same attribute on couple of components maybe 100 times and It always worked but now. Just wanted to know what went wrong
Thank you

well it’s sort of hacking cause the DC code isn’t published and probably never will, for that matter. So writing ruby scripts that is depended on DC’s might break when it is changed.
Here’s what one of the early developers has said on sketchucation:

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Alright now I get it. @DanRathbun i apologise for not understanding what you meant. @MikeWayzovski thanks for enlightening me.
I thought I must have read all posts about this stuff. Obviously not.

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