How to amend component features from source code (eg axis position, z position)

I have created a large catalogue of kitchen cabinets specific to my business and want to change some of the component attributes, eg. z position, axis position etc and apply the changes to all the separate components.
Rather than do this manually by opening each components and resaving the amended versions one by one, is there a quicker way by accessing source code or something?
Thanks if anyone can help or advice on best approach…

This would need to be done using the SketchUp Ruby API. Ie, a SketchupExtension object.

However, the Dynamic Components extension is a closed source native Trimble extension, so there is no official manual or API for manipulating DCs from code.

It can be done and we have discussed this many times in this DC category, and in the Ruby API coding category. The Ruby attribute dictionaries used by the DC extension are named "dynamic_attributes", so most discussion about manipulating DCs will mention this dictionary name …

Thanks Dan, I’ll try this