Dynamic Components: can you "automate" certain input?


I often make a serie of DC, where a product is shown out of the box and with clicking (the interaction tool) inside the box.
Therefor I need the same component atributes again and again, and I need to “program” them one by one. Is there no way of scripting this or automating it throught preferences or so, so that some fields are pre-made or -filled?
It would save me so much time…
Thanks for helping!
Vanessa - Belgium

Copy an existing DC and then edit it to change the geometry and the attributes as needed.

You mean copy new components into the existing DC? That might work I quess, but raises another question I cannot figure out: can I then CHANGE the name of the DC? Since there is (to my knowledge) a difference between the “save as” name you can choose, and the original fixed name you give it when creating the DC.

I meant to open the components for editing and modifying them. That could be copying geometry and pasting inside. It might be simply modifying the existing geometry.

that might be a solution indeed - but then all DC would still have the same naming. And that would be a problem, since I want every DC to have a unique name and there is (to my knowledge) no way of renaming a DC?

Edit the naming, too.

Hi Dave,
How do I rename them? And I mean in this level - I don’t know a way to change the yellow naming? (see screenshot)

double click the title

when you come to reuse, you copy one DC and make or check it and all its nested levels are unique, otherwise despite any name changes the formula for size, rotation… will update to the first definition in the file

Hi pcmoor,
That seems to work for renaming the component atribute, but then when you save the DC (with right mouse/save as/different name) to a location and open the components library, the name is not changed and you still get the same naming.
(Screenshot) See what I mean?
Again, I might be missing the most basic step, but I’ve tried so many things but actually changing the “MAIN” name did not work yet…

You need to change the name of the Component in the Outliner or in the Entity Info (Definition) in order to change the name it is saved as.