Axes and Alignment not saved

Drawing my first dynamic component. It is a wall mount power plug. I want to have it vertically glued and selected the Cut Opening box in the Properties. It is working fine when testing it in component window itself, but when I import it in another drawing the axes are not as saved and the Glue en Cut Opening are not set. I probably miss understood something. Any help? My component is here Trimble Identity

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your forum profile.

Share the component file so we can see exactly how you have it set up.

Hi DaveR, thanks for the reply. Sorry, long time since I used this forum, I updated my profile. SK 2022 Pro. Component attached.
prise-suisse -v2.skp (317.1 KB)

It is probably how you saving it, right click the backbox and from the context menu pick saveas to save it to a folder,
in wall.skp (297.1 KB)

this saves the component alone

Thanks pcmoor, working like this, I was really lost. But I am not too sure why it is working like this :thinking:
As you here, any idea why I have to move the mouse cursor between each state change of the dynamic component. If I dont move the mouse a right click have not effect, the state do not change. A detail but I am curious.
Thanks again

could be the double set? tried with common attribute, works better
in wall (1).skp (220.9 KB)

could run this via a drop down? so quicker to choose…

in wall dropdown (2).skp (225.0 KB)

because the component is loaded into this file, the attribute name works, so changing this updates the DC. otherwise it will display the _name(definition) or if you want can use the name attribute to override.

the file you posted was a file containing the DC, so if you place that whole file into another file, there would be your DC and its position and any other objects, this is typical of using the file saveas method. The cut opening would only apply to the contained DC not this extra file

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Thanks for your suggestions. My first DC, a lot to learn, a lot to improve