Downloaded doors refuse to scale


This is not the first time this has happened to me. I downloaded a manufacture created door or window, it’s got millions of components, looks very complex and is obviously professionally created by someone who knows what they are doing. But when I try to place it in my model, of course it’s not quite exactly the right size, so when I go to use the scale tool, the scale handles show up and everything, and I click and drag to the size I want, everything looks good, so I click it into place… and BOING!!! It snaps right back to the original size it was when i downloaded it! WTF??? Why is this happening? Last time I just gave up and searched for a different model that was not created by this manufacturer. Marvin windows, in case you want to go have a look. I don’t know if all of their products are like this, but the ones I have tried are.

I did try “edit group” as the group inside still contained the whole unit, but still no luck. :frowning:

I have successfully scaled tons and tons of things from the warehouse, so it’s not like I’m brand new at this particular task.

Thanks in advance!


It’s sounds like a dynamic component. Probably best to find another door on 3D Warehouse or make one. You could try exploding all nested components using an extension like Bomb.

Also, for future reference, post a link to the one you used so we can confirm initial assumption.


It is probably a Dynamic Component in which the manufacturer has restricted scale to the specific standard sizes they make.


OMG that is the most annoying thing I have heard, especially given the fact that they don’t TELL you ANYWHERE, what size is the freaking door??? Then you can’t scale it? What good is it to anybody, then? You just have to build your model around their doors/windows? I don’t understand?


that’s generally how things get built on budget and on time…

bespoke is costly…



Considering it’s a free model to download, I think it’s totally okay to have to put some work in to make it usable for your own means… as above I often just explode them and try make good of what you have.


Both in the world of real doors and in the world of the 3DWarehouse. There are standard sizes for just about every component of a house. To get an ad-hoc size you pay more to have it custom fabricated.


I tried exploding it but even then, when I tried resizing it, it behaved VERY strangely, like this was going to be a journey down a rabbit hole I’m not sure I wanted to go down! LOL! I think there were too many components.


Yes, resizing a complicated structure using the scale tool is indeed down a rabbit hole because scale affects everything in the structure proportionally. You probably didn’t want the stiles to get wider just because the door was scaled wider, but they will. The usual process is to use the move tool instead of scale, multi-selecting a set of parts and moving them aside by the required amount (which might involve some math). Then proceeding to the next set of parts. And again, yes, for a complex structure this can be pretty tedious!


… OK, I get it, that all makes sense, but even given the fact that you want to use standard sizes, how do you deal with the fact that for example, these Marvin doors don’t even tell you anywhere in the description, what size they are? Do you just download their entire catalog and measure each and every one?


I haven’t looked at those in the 3DW, but often Marvin codes the size into the part number in their catalogs.


Yeah, besides this is just for our own home remodel, not for an actual build or anything. I just need to block off a doorway because it’s messing up the interior lighting, now that I’m learning how to render lighting! :smiley: I could accomplish the same thing with a giant rectangle, but I’ve come so far, everything else in my model is super realistic!


Which specific Marvin door were you looking at? I just tried one from the 3DW and a) it is indeed a dynamic component, and b) the component options let you enter the height and width you want for a custom size. Did you try right-click->Dynamic Comonents->Component Options?


If they are DCs, have you tried clicking on Component Options? That is where you can usually select different sizes.

What you haven’t told us is what your endgame is. Why are you using Marvin products if they don’t make them in the sizes you require? Are you wanting to make shop drawings for a joiner or are you just wanting something that looks right for a building? The level of detail required will be very different.

The only good reason to take a ready designed component and edit it is if you want to use the manufacturer’s sections but for a bespoke overall size or shape.

If you just want it to look about right, I would be tempted to cut a section, create a 2D slice from it, get rid of anything inside the overall shape/s, make sure the shape/s create/s a surface, and then draw an elevational outline and use Follow Me to extrude the shape/s around it. Shove some glass in and job’s a good’un, as we say in these parts.


No, because I’ll be honest, I have looked inside those dynamic component options before, on other models, and I always regretted it! It always looks like a bunch of calculus! Is there actually a way to change the size in there??? :open_mouth:


On the sample of one that I tried, there was a selector at the top of the component options to choose between standard size and custom, and height and width fields immediately below those. Be sure you are looking at the component options, not the component attributes!


I just need something that looks OK. I was, actually, ready to just do exactly what you said, draw me up some doors using the follow me tool! :wink:


Oh my god! Hang on while I go check this out… This could be my lucky day!!!



The standard width was 36". I changed it to 48"


There you go then. Frustration over.