Reimporting from the 3D Warehouse


Hey all, many times I’ve imported models from the warehouse and the models have come in HUGE! I always assumed that was how the modeler uploaded them, not a big deal, just scale them down.

Yesterday, because it was convenient, I downloaded a drawer pull that I’d modeled and it came into my new model at 40’ 7"s. It was about 5 inches when I uploaded it. The same thing happened with a hinge I’d uploaded about a year ago. It came in at about 100x the size I uploaded it at.

Can anyone explain why this happened?

Thank’s Chris.


A link please.


Thanks Barry, but I don’t see an address to link to. A little help?


Ink to your models on 3D warehouse. Open a browser, find them, copy the link, and paste here.



That was easier than I thought. But only because I’d read on the forum that you can drag and drop.

Ok, balls in your court.

Thanks though.

Nevermind, I see that didn’t work.

How’s this?

That is not particularly intuitive.


Ah, ok, looking… the original you uploaded, in 2017, was that big (I downloaded it). That’s about a 100:1 scale. I don’t know why it’s that way except to say the original is that way. On a Mac, it’s Cmd-A Cmd-9 .01 save, upload, and it’s done, right?


S will do, to

I have only heard of programmers that use the ‘Hard coded’ native Apple shortcuts:)


Well Barry, you’re correct. I downloaded them into the original model and they were 100 time the size of the original. But as best as I can recall, I uploaded them from the model. Where they were correctly sized. So you’ve got me.

But thanks.



If it was more than a year ago, I’d say that maybe it was back in the days of KMZ uploads, or another format. Or maybe they were imported from another file format and it just wasn’t noticed at the time. But yea, the original was sized, so I wont be able to do any more sleuthing than that.