Change Dimensions of 3D warehouse


Previously i have drawn my own drawings such as garage lean-to etc.

I looking at drawing a oak bbq area and thought i’d look on the store and i found a perfect shell of one so i downloaded it to then edit and add further stuff but i cant seem to find out you edit and change sizes of the individual items such as the length and height. I can Push/Pull the items no problem but cant figure out how i can make the sizes my own so like re-moddle it?

Is there a way or am i being too lazy and i should just draw it myself haha


That’s kind of a vague question because there are too many possibilities. It depends on how the model is built and the kind of details it as and the kind of changes you need to make. Maybe Push/Pull is the tool to use, maybe Move, maybe Scale, and maybe a combination. It may make more sense to use the model you got from the 3D Warehouse as a rough guide and model your own the way you want it to be. I usually prefer that to modifying (and often repairing) what someone else did.

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Thank you, yes i did think that would be the case,

so infact i have already started what you suggested about using it as a guide to make my own to ‘scale’

thank you for the reply!

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Good deal. While you are modeling consider how you will use the model. What information do you need to get out of it? Let that inform the way you create the model.

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