In need of help with resizing (only height)

Hello everybody… newbie here.
I am struggling with a model and could really use some help from your bright sketchup minds!
Long story short. I am creating a model using both 3d warehouse instances and also objects I built.
After putting a lot of effort into it and having created, used and modified several items… I realized the height I used is wrong… I have to make the model 1 foot taller (taller walls and upper frame placed higher).
I tried to put a surface on top and use the move tool in the blue axis to move everything, but not every endpoint is lifted. I tried to scale the model, but it also changes horizontal measurements. I tried selecting the whole model and resize by using the scaling tool, only in the vertical axis, but the ratios between vertical and horizontal measurements change (e.g. what used to be a square is now a rectangle :S)
So… after breaking my brain trying to figure out how to add this extra foot… I come to ask for some help.
Which tool do I need to use to adjust my model? What am I doing wrong? I hope I don’t have to start over.
Any idea will be much appreciated.



Without seeing your model it is hard to be specific, but in general terms, you need to select the geometry at the top and use the move tool to move it 1 foot up.

Hi! Yes, I forgot to upload a picture of the model… Here is a basic version, without walls or other stuff that could block the vision.
As you see, I used the containers that come with the 3d warehouse objects… but I didn’t realize those were normal containers and not high cube ones… hence the extra foot I need now.

You need to upload the model itself. Use the upload button on the toolbar above the text in the reply box.

Got it. Uploaded :wink:

P01 - Oasis de la Campana.skp (485.0 KB)

You’ll need to open the Container group/component for editing, then select the top parts and move them up.
If the containers are made up of different components/groups you’ll need to resize where appropriate. If it’s all one big group you can just select the top and move it.

Here is a very simple gif showing a left to right selection and a right to left selection.
Left to right be the right option in this case. But this is raw geometry, so you need to get inside the various Groups/components to resize them.

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Had a quick look, you can grab the tops of the containers and move them up, then the sides are made of components, so you can adjust one and they all move, one or two may be unique so you’ll need to resize them separately. and reconfigure your doors.

Feeling kindda dumb now… It was actually very simple… I tried the left to right selection and it worked… some items are not changing, but just a few.
Thanks for your help, really.
Standing ovation hehehe

“Dumb” would have been NOT asking! This is literally what the forum is for! (plus it gives @Box a reason to make another animated gif!)


Good response! :slight_smile: :+1: