How to resize 3dwarehouse models?

I still didn’t figure out how to change the size of the model I download from 3d warehouse. Is this possible?
I downloaded a shower cabin and windows but they don’t fit perfectly, would like to make them a bit smaller.

It kind of depends on what model you downloaded, sometimes, there Dynamic, so the different parts would stay the same size.
If it’s not, you would have to investigate the object by editing (Edit Component or double click) some parts could be moved, others might need further ‘editing’
What model did you download?

Note too that if the model portrays a particular product you plan to use in real life, it most often is available only in limited predetermined sizes.

I found out that I was using the Move tool to try to edit size but I found the resize tool just now. I guess I have a lot to learn.
I was able to resize most I download now :slight_smile: