Crashing when importing from 3D warehouse

my sketch is taking sometime 5-10 mins to import from the 3d warehouse and sometimes crashing.

I am on a MacBook Air 2020 M1, is anyone having a similar issue?

Sounds as if the model may either be badly modelled, or just too big.

Can you provide a link to the 3D Warehouse model?

Many people have seen that issue, and I still don’t know what causes it. If I take your model and download the same model from the 3D Warehouse, it will work fine for me.

You can speed up getting the model by choosing No when asked if you want to include it in the current scene. That will immediately give you a new SKP, that you can open and copy the component into your real scene. But, the copying and pasting may also be slow as well.

Is there anything unusual about the component collections that you have? Like, do you have a lot of those, and where are they stored?

I am modelling a kitchen, I build most of the kitchen components but I use items like tv, books, plants lights etc to set the scene from the warehouse, when I looked at entity info the model size was 87mb will this have some to do with it running slow?

Also do you know when sketchup will be optimised for Mac M1 chip?

Ps I’m not moaning I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong or there was an issue, I LOVE sketchup using it doesn’t feel like I’m working :ok_hand:t2:

For a component in a kitchen, that is a vastly bloated file size. No wonder it is slow to load!

Look for a smaller file of similar appearance.

Many, perhaps most, models on the 3D warehouse are vastly over detailed for use as ‘entourage’ in your kitchen model.

The whole model file was 87mb not the item I was trying to get from the 3D warehouse

What happens if you go to Model Info>Statistics and Purge unused stuff? How big is your SketchUp model file? Then try inserting the component from the 3D Warehouse. Does that work?

Don’t know put I’ll certainly give it a bash thanks Dave

Sorry, I misunderstood what the 87MB was referring to.

87MB is a lot to handle, try low-poly models, they often provide the same atmosphere that you want, but still keep the file size and polygon count low.

Also, Warehouse models are over detailed as @john_mcclenahan said. Download a car from the Warehouse and it can easily be 2MB and larger.

Problem is, without the Warehouse, you don’t usually get what you want, so you can build your own models, but it takes a lot of work.

To let you know, 1MB is 1024kB and a kB is 1024 bytes, so 1MB is 1048576 bytes and 87MB is a lot more at 91226112 bytes, and obviously a byte is quite little but a drop of water makes up the ocean.

Main point is, Warehouse stuff have mostly redundant things, l would rather you try to search “low-poly” in the title of the object you want, or adjust the slider on the left hand side of the Warehouse page.

Models like the one below are detailed enough, but also low-poly

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What do you use SketchUp for? I design interiors like kitchens and bedrooms

I use SketchUp for modeling low-poly cars from blueprint vectors, and architecture.
For architecture, I do building’s exterior, and interior designing and planning is a lot more than what I can do. Perhaps we could collab?

That sounds good to me, what might you be thinking?

Well, this rather,

See highlighted portions, I make cars photo textured with blueprint vectors and the blueprint vector as the only material, also low-poly, and of small file size.
They’re free to use, but I would like credit which I don’t get - 13 downloads on my most popular, the Land Rover Range Rover (1998) no credit given to me, 12 (surprisingly,) on Toyota Crown Comfort, where’s the credit I want? 11 downloads on both my Volvo and Limousine, but no credit to me it seems, 9 on FedEx Express Step Van, and on Mazda RX-7 Savanna FC, as well as Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG W213, all of which I’ve heard nothing of credit for. 7 downloads on one of my first models, a BMW M5, and on a car, which I suppose has its downloads all from the fact that it shares a similar name to the more known, Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, Ford Festiva.

Other models like the Generic Sedan (which is actually a Hyundai, I forgot what model) and the Alexander-Dennis Enviro500 and NYPD Chevrolet Caprice and NYC Lincoln Town Car Taxi and Cadillac DeVille are all under 5 downloads, but whatever.
Links below are for my low-poly, photo textured cars all of which are on 1:1 scale.
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Not this link

Blueprint Vectors