3D warehouse very slow

Loading objects, small or large takes very long time or dont load at all. Is it only me. Mac OS and latest Sketchup Pro.

Where on the planet are you? I just uploaded a 14.1 Mb file to the 3D Warehouse and timed it. it took about 10 seconds.

Importing from Warehouse whitin Sketchup and it is very slow minutes to forever.

I just imported a 10 Mb file in SketchUp and dropped it in place in 9 seconds.

How large is the model file you’re trying to add the component to?

Tried the same in a new document and no problem. There is something wrong with the file Im working with. Have to copy paste to a fresh document.

That might work. You could try purging unused stuff from your file first to reduce the bloat.

It’s generally advised that you import from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file so you can examine the component and fix it if needed before you add it to your project file.


We recently found something that causes this. The problem will happen if you are downloading a model with a lot of materials, into your model, which has a lot of materials. Downloading into a new document may get the component quicker, but when copying and pasting into your full model the paste may take a while.

Open the Colors palette, and change what it is showing, to anything except Colors in Model. Then try downloading from 3D Warehouse.