Warehouse issue downloading

Are there any problems in Warehouse. I have to wait for minutes downloading a model.
If I open a new file there is no problem downl. models.
Just installed latest version and cleaned mac completely. Also file of course.

I have seen this issue before, and still don’t know the cause of the delay. My suspicion is that as the model is being inserted, every sub component in the component you’re downloading is being checked to make sure it doesn’t have the same ID as any of the components in your SketchUp file. That could lead to a lot of checking. But, I have tried customer files and downloaded the simplest of models, and for me it works instantly, but for the customer they can get several minutes of delay.

Something else, do you have your own component collections? The downloading model would be checked against all of those as well.

If you would like to, you could send a typical model you work on, and an example of a 3D Warehouse model that takes a long time to insert. If we’re lucky it might go slow for me as well, and then I can test to see what is taking so long.

Meanwhile, downloading into a new file and editing the component to extract just what you need from it, and copy that into your working document, should save some time. It’s also good practice in a way, because not all 3D Warehouse models are trouble free. Finding and fixing any issues in its own file would be less risky than inserting it straight into your full model.

Thank you Colin,
I will look into it. Hopefully it goes will work again. :wink:

Well, I removed skp (cleaner) and installed it again.
This worked. Had to be a plugin or something…