Scaling a imported model from 3d warehouse

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to this group.
I downloaded a arched door from 3d ware house but am unable to scale it in my model. Can you share your expert views regarding this.

Exactly what model did you import, and what did you do in your attempt to scale it?

If you have a simple picture frame and scale it both the rails and stiles widths get modified. With a door there may ever well be panels that you do not want that.
Fredo’s scale tool has an option such you can stretch the model in reference to planes you set. Without seeing model don’t know if that will work for you but maybe worth a check?

Marvin Clad Ultimate Inswing Arch Top French Door 2 Panel from 3d warehouse.

Thanks for asking.

I am sorry, but that is not very helpful.

A link to the EWH, for to the model question, might have been much more constructive…

Also unless you explain ‘how’ you want to ‘resize’ it [height/width/depth etc] then whatever help you get here will be proportionately limited…