Component scale and sticking

I have been a Sketchup user since nearly Day one.Just had to purchase 2019 ( no upgrades), a bit frustrated.
Warehouse components do no come in at scale and my old components like windows are not sticking to wall when i choose vertical setting.
I have never had a problem and dont find the answer anywhere.
Please advise, on a deadline!!!

The warehouse is heavily populated by user generated content, so there’s no guarantee to correct scale and dimensions for the models, unfortunately. Best to confirm before placing in your model.

Attach a non sticky component for us to check so we have a chance of giving you a complete answer.

Tx, is there a method for checking prior to download?

The best method is to download and open in a clean file (have an instance of SketchUp open for this) and check it first.
Check the size, resize if necessary (scale definition)
Remove unwanted items or interior geometry
Check for hidden geometry/geolocation
Remove unwanted layers
Add stuff you need.
Purge the model, save it if you think you gonna need it in the future…