Can't download some items at the correct scale

As a very new user of Sketchup I am probably making some basic error but when I try to download any cap screw from 3D Warehouse it appears in my model about 100 times too large! I have downloaded other items like stepper motors (before and after the problem with cap screws) which have been ok. Is there a setting which I need to change?. Many thanks guys.

Either your model is not drawn to scale or the components you are downloading are not to scale. I would guess it’s the latter, it’s very common in 3D Warehouse that things aren’t to scale.

If that screw have very small details, then it might have been deliberately scaled up to work around the small-face limitation in SketchUp.

If you have examples of some models it’d be easier to determine what the cause is.

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The most secure method for using models from 3dwh is to download them as a distinct file, not to import them into an existing model. Once dl’d, the scaling process can then be applied and it can be purged and otherwise cleaned up. Now the newly obtained skp file can be properly saved and placed into the desired context.


Thanks for the replies guys. It seems that any cap screw I have tried to download from Cadenas or Part community is 100 times too large. For example: SNSS-M5x16-KF. These do not contain much detail so I am still mystified. I ended up just drawing my own screws.

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I’m not sure why there’s a mystery. The author created the component at a larger scale. They might have scaled the component down after making it but they evidently did not scale the definition. If the screw component is adequate for your needs otherwise, you could simply scale the component down, scale its definition and save it for future use.

As simple as the screw component is, you could start with a single example and make any others you need. If you’ve corrected the scale of the first one, there’s no need to download anymore of them. Just use the one you’ve got to make the rest.

I looked up the number to find out what other lengths the screw is made in and modified copies to suit. It took longer for the website page to open than to modify the screw.

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