3D Warehouse Model Scale

I downloaded and inserted a human figure model into my drawing. The scale seems natural, but I have no idea how to determine its actual dimensions to compare with dimensions in my drawing.

I also downloaded a leather sofa model - beautiful drawing - into my drawing. In this case, the downloaded model is far to small to fit the scale of my drawing. I put the model into a working drawings file that I keep open and checked dimensions with the tool. It showed a 3-cushion sofa as having a total width of 36" horizontally across all cushions. In other words it is roughly one-third the scale of my drawing, assuming that each cushion would be about 30-36" wide.

Is it possible to know the dimensions of downloaded models? Is it possible to edit them to get them to the size desired? I tried the selecting the model then right-clicking and choosing Edit Component, but I could not get any tool to work on it. What am I missing?

You can measure distances you know using the tape measure tool. It would be possible to adjust the size but exactly how depends on the component.

As to what you are missing, its hard to say exactly without seeing the component in question.

Keep in mind that anyone can upload models/components to the 3D Warehouse and users have different skill levels so you can get components that are not sized properly or are otherwise poorly made.

If you right-click on the component, does the context menu say “Lock” or “Unlock”? If it says “Unlock”, click that to let you edit. If it says “Lock” then the most likely explanation is that things are nested deeper than you realize and you need to open more levels deep to get “inside” the actual component.

Right clicking on the component shows “Lock” in the context menu.

Is there a way to post the 3D Warehouse model in this thread?

If you find your way inside the room in this drawing you will see columns on bases, a female figure, and the 3D Warehouse leather sofa model I downloaded. I think you will agree that the scale is out of whack. I really like the model of the sofa and would like to use it but cannot do so unless I resolve the scale issue. FYI: The column bases are 36" in the vertical. The female model measures approximately 5’6". At that rate the sofas are far too small.

Does this help?

great room.skp (1.3 MB)

How about this? All I did was delete two of the sofas, double the size of the other two using the scale tool, and roughly recenter them in the alcove.

great room.skp (1.1 MB)