Making 3D objects an exact dimension

Hello, is it possible to make a 3D Warehouse object a specific dimension? I am very new to SketchUp and can’t figure it out. For instance, if I want to place a desk that is 6ft long by 2 feet deep…can I write these exact dimensions anywhere?
Thank you!

import the object to a new drawing first (recommended) then use the tape measure tool to “measure” the length of the desk and then enter the length you wish it to be and enter. answer yes to the resulting query.
Then you can copy and paste the desk into your desired model instance.
If the desk is not in the correct dimensions in multiple axiis then you’ll need to modify it additionally. The TM resizing only works proportionally otherwise.

Thank you @mics_54. It doesn’t seem to be working though. What am I doing wrong?
I selected the measuring tape, after having removed the blue box around the object, “measured” the length of the desk, released the mouse, and then inserted the size I want. It seems to be moving the object to a different spot on the model, but not change the size of the object.

hmm by removing the blue box are you saying you exploded it once? I think you need to place the desk anywhere then select it…explode it one time to remove the wrapper…then measure with the tape measure and type in the new size.

Not sure what exploded it means in this context. When I imported the desk, all its lines are blue, as well as a blue box around it (I believe it is for grouping). I tried to do as you said, with both the blue lines/box visible and also (by clicking once outside the box and removing the blue lines/box) without those lines/box visible.

I click the mouse at one corner of the desk, drag it to the next corner, release and then type the dimension.

I might need to do a more studying on axis. I am not clear yet how they work.

Yes I understand. Now follow me…deselect the desk by clicking anywhere on the screen…now reselect the desk and the blue box re-appears…right click on the mouse while hovering over the desk opens the context dialogue…click on explode…that should remove the wrapper so you can edit the desk component. Now measure it with the tape measure tool.
After you have resized it…you can select the desk and use the move tool to place it where ever you wish.
If when you try to move the desk not all of the desk moves then you need to drag the selection tool (from left to right) around its entirety and either group it (right click>group) or make it a component (right click> make component) so that the whole desk and all associated parts move as one group or component.
Please forgive my edits on the fly.

Managed to get to the “explode” part. It seems as though when I measure the length, it works. But then when I measure and change the size of the depth, it works however the length goes back to its original size.
I don’t want to waste anymore of your time and thank you for the time you’ve spent helping me.
Looks like I need a one/one in person instructor!!

well I’m probably not explaining it correctly. There are many more capable users here…I am sure they will be around shortly to help you.
Did the dialogue appear asking if you wanted to resize the model? After you clicked “ok” it returned to the original size? I’ve not experience that.
btw this is the “pro” section of the forum…I am going to move it to the “free” category.

Yes, it did. I answered “yes”. It worked for both sides of the desk. But when one changed, the other one returned to its original size.
You were great, I am the one who needs so much help!!

as I explains…the tape measure tool will resize the imported desk proportionally. That means the depth will change proportional to the change you made in it’s length. It will not change the two dimensions separately.

Got it! So are you saying that I won’t be able to import anything from 3D warehouse and make it into the dimensions I want? 1. That would suck but 2. At least I won’t waste time trying to make it do something it won’t do.

Yes you can…however if you wish to change an objects dimensions dis-proportionally you have to actually edit the model in other ways by using other tools. the Tape measure resize just changes all dimensions in a proportionally scaled manner.
It will also shange ALL other objects in the drawing proportional to the changes you make in that single object…which is why you don’t import and resize objects into a House…it would resize the house as well.

ok thank you! Yes, I am not looking to do proportionally, but rather to replicate a piece of furniture that exists in real life and place it in a 3D room to accurately see the space it will take in a room.


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Hi Carolina,

The models you grab from 3D Warehouse can be scaled to any dimensions you want, but they might not be proportionately appropriate when you scale them to the desired dimensions. Here’s a video that explains how to use the scale tool to input specific dimensions you want to scale to.

Good luck!


Not sure from your profile if you are pro or not?

If as @mics_54 suggests you open the downloaded model in its own file, you can use the tape measure tool to re-scale it. Many 3D wharehouse models are not scaled correctly so often times you will be trying to bring in a 30 foot tall vase of flowers onto a normal sized table !

but if you are on pro, there is a plugin (rubysketch scale tool) that will allow you to use a similar tape tool operation to scale the individual component.

you can see from the attached that if you apply the tape tool to the car the whole model is re-scaled.
using the plugin, only the car is re-scaled.

Alternatively, with the native scale tool you can select the group/component and begin scaling in one direction and type the size you want making sure to add measuring unit ( ’ " feet inches or mm etc) afterwards, otherwise it will just scale by that amount ( i.e. if you type 25 and not inches afterwards it will scale to 25 x the size)


Also, if you add a dimension line to the object, you could just scale and keep an eye on those measurements as they change.

Also, worth noting, that by scaling disproportionally (not at the corners) there could be distortion ( see how the wheels become ovals), using fredo’s box stretch can avoid this, or you can grab selected geometry and move it with the move tool.

scale using move tool on selected geometry ( hidden geometry turned on)