How do I resize a complex component from the 3D warehouse?

I’m working with a download (chamber_nozzle) in the warehouse that has a bunch of dimensions plugged in. I was hoping to change the sizing of the object by typing in new numbers into the boxes where the dimensions are listed. When I do this I only change the label and not the dimension it is associated with. I have looked at the tutorials that relate to the dimension tool, but (maybe stupidly) haven’t found anything that relates to this. The object is a bit complicated for using the scaling/tape measure tool easily. Anyway I was hoping that someone might know how to do this. Thanks for the time in reading. I hope I haven’t been looking in the wrong place regarding the tutorials.

Have a look at the tutorials on the tape measure tool, because a quick resize of a known length with the tape will resize the entire model and alter the dimensions text as well.

Will do thank you for the reply.

Yes, the relationship between objects and dimensions is one-way. That is, a dimension will automatically follow the size of the object when you modify the object, but if you edit the text in a dimension, SketchUp does not modify the associated object. It assumes that for some reason you wanted to override the standard dimension text.

I gather this is the model in question…

Don’t waste your time with it.
As one can see in this snapshot of the model, it’s quite poorly constructed.

Enjoy the satisfaction and better results of modeling it yourself.
See this video tutorial for ideas.
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This is actually what I ended up doing. For some reasons notifications on the thread didn’t come through (hence the late response).

Appreciate everyone’s responses. Thank you.