Component texture mapping

is it possible to make different texture mapping for the same component?

For example I want to model 10 planks (1 plank = 1 component), apply wood material on each, and avoid texture repeating. I tried to use “projected texture” outside the component, but it did not help.

I don’t think there’s anyway to map different textures on the same face in different instances of the same component. When I need to make different looking boards from the same component, I just flip one instance. I did that on the back and seat of this bench. Sometimes you can hide the fact they are the same component by flipping end for end and side to side. It’s easier if they are separated by some space. Sometimes I just make a few of the components unique. I might wind up with two different component definitions that way.


I have actual three solutions, but none of them are perfect:

  1. method exactly the same as Yours, component flipping
  2. component explosion and applying materials
  3. Vray Tri-Planar map

PS. I thought that it might be possible to give mapping over a component. But it looks like it probably does not.

I made a feature request just for this. I think it would be highly useful to have different mapping for the same component to be able to still edit all instances simultaneously, to let reports know the instances are manufactured identically and to retain a low file size, while also not having the problem of obvious re-occuring texture patterns.

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This is exactly what am I looking for!:slight_smile:

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