Image texturing many identical faces at the same time


Excuse my english ans my lack of Sketchup skill I’m a newby.

With sketchup 14.

I have 4 non-joined faces to textures with an image.
These faces have the same dimensions.

I have fight hardly with Sketchup to texture one of these faces using paint bucket and positionning tool.

Ok …

So now I would like to apply the same (exactly the same) job to my 3 others faces.

I spent one night trying to do that … I’m not kidding you !

  • Selecting the four faces before working on the first works if I apply a simple color (no image). It doesn’t works with images (thanck you Google GOD it would have SO SIMPLE !)

  • Creating a group with the four faces. Ok. YES ! I’m about to win ! NO ! Says Devil Google ! When I apply my image on the group the image is painted on the four objets like if it was a single one … Humm … Yes … some kind of logic seems to be present here. So can I say “Google God, would you considering each members of the group is a “unique” member which have its own paint life ?” NO ! says God … OK ok ok son of a b… .

Is there a way to (connect/joined/link) or I don’t know what to duplicate image texturing work on others identicals but non-connected faces ?

I’ve tried holding “ALT” key while using paint bucket tool, the image geometry is not well duplicated on the face I’m working. The image is copied, but its rotate/shif/scale parameters are not correct and I need to work on it so it’s not the solution of my problem.



Line the other three faces up behind the correctly textured face. Sample the face with the eye dropper and paint the other three.

Thanck you. It seems to be the solution. It is 90 % correct. The 10 % problem is that image are not exactly copied at the same position. They have the same dimensions but are not shifted the same. I must use shitf position tool to move it and it is ok. Nevertheless it is a nice improvement for me. Thanck you !

But I must admit I very disappointed. Selecting somes indenticals faces, working on one of them, seeing your job being simply replicated on the other, in real time, would have been son simple logic … But as usual, is this strange computer science world, things that are obvious and consistent with how we do at all in the common life are not made like this here.

Last hope : Is there a way to link faces to reverberate work I’m doing on one of them on the others instanty ?

Yes, select a logical portion of the model and make that geometry a Component.
Creating a Component — SketchUp Help

Thanck you Geo. Instancing a component allows reverberation. Ok

But … And It is my fault, I didn’t explain enough clearly my problem : I’ve an already made model with susan faces.

I woud like to reverberate work done on one face over 30 others faces. As I said, these face are already drawn and if they have the same dimension (height/with) they don’t have the same position and orientation ! So I can’t (as it the case in the vidéo you sent to me) build a model, make instances of this model, and work on the father of them. Doing that would be 1000 hours of works (in the case I would be able to build/shift/rotate and stick correctly all these faces on the model !!), a far more heavy work !