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Is there a quick way to line up materials that are in different groups? See the picture below.

I have 3 groups in this picture but I need the material to look seamless from bottom to top. I am currently going into the material in each group and moving it around until I get it aligned but was wondering if there is a better way.

Thanks for the help

Ryan F.



If you are moving the material [texture] within a group-edit, then it suggests you have correctly applied the materials onto the faces with the group.
Applying a material directly onto a group prevents its adjustment.

Edit one group and adjust its face material-texture using the context-menu texture tools.
When it’s as you want, edit the other two groups in turn and use the Material Browser’s Eyedropper tool to sample the material from the correctly set up face and paint that onto the equivalent face in the group you are editing.
The texture’s should now align to match on all three groups’ faces…



Thanks for the quick response TIG.

That is what I have been doing but there are times when certain faces that the material is on doesn’t line up with the material above or below it. It frustrating is all. I was hoping there was a plug-in that would automatically align materials.

With this particular job I realized after my post what some of my issue was. I mirrored the apartment units but made the floor one continuous group (not tied in with the mirrored components). When I applied the material to the walls in the components the material flips on the mirrors units which then made it so the floor material would not line up on the mirrored half the building.



I believe Tig’s answer is the correct way to apply textures so they map correctly to scale when adjacent.
Another possible fix might be to temporarily explode your group and then regroup it to reset the UV?




As TIG suggested, you can sample the texture and its mapping from the group above with the eyedropper tool (With an active paint bucket tool, hold Alt (or Command on Mac)). Apply the sample to the other group’s geometry.

The important point is that you are texturing the raw geometry in the group and not group entity

Hope this helps



But… if the group’s geometry has been changed (scaled), which often happens, it seems the UV map is changed and the eye dropper doesn’t work as expected.( you can see in my gif it doesn’t do anything when I try to reapply the sampled texture). I’ve then found that by exploding and regrouping, the UV gets reset and the texture can be reapplied as expected as in your example…unless there is another way around this?.

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You try my extension s4u Paint



Thanks for the help on this.






If you are going down the extension route, there are a few that may help speed up complex texturing. Along with s4u Paint, another helpful extension is Fredo’s Thrupaint feature that is part of his general FredoTools toolset