Chair mapping materials

Hello, I can never properly map chair materials. How does one put on a material so that the positioning is correct everywhere?

Can’t tell from your screenshot but did you apply the texture to the groups/components or to the faces?

I applied the texture to the group, but when I explode it and apply separately I cannot position the texture correctly

First of all, don’t apply the texture to the group. Apply it directly to the faces inside the group. Second, there’s no reason to explode the group. Just open it for editing.

If you have the material applied to the faces in your model, right click on a single face and use Texture>Position to rotate it to the desired angle. You’ll need to turn on Hidden Geometry to do that. Then you can sample the rotated texture and apply it to the rest of the faces that need adjustment. I just made this as an example.

In addition to DaveR’s advice, which is spot on … Fredo’s ThruPaint plugin makes quick work of this type of thing if you’re doing a lot of it.

Thanks. I was going to mention ThruPaint but it seems to me that since this is easily done with the native tools, it’s a good idea to learn how to do it that way first. :wink:


Thank you guys!