Materials not aligning to model axes

Materials I apply to a surface are not matching the model axes. Any thoughts on the cause of this?

Have you changed the axis orientation of the model space or an specific group?

Yes, I reset the axis orientation of the surface just before I applied the material and the material orientation still came in skewed.

Upload your model.

Is the face inside a group or component that is scaled?

Here is a Dropbox link to the model: Transfer - Dropbox

Here is a JPEG showing the material applied to a section of the ground plane where it is skewed from the rectangular geometry:


No, it’s just a rectangle face and not part of a group or component.

The material is parallel to the “world” axis while the rectangle is not.

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Ah, I see. that make sense, because the material stays in the same orientation when I rotate the 2D surface.

For me the easiest way to get it to obey is to place the axis so that it is parallel to the rectangle, paint the rectangle with the default material, make the rectangle into a group, enter the group and re-paint the rectangle.

Anssi, thanks for the tip. That worked.