Can't apply texture/color to my geometry

Hi there

I’m trying to apply texture/color to the geometry I have moved on the right hand side of the plan, but Sketchup doesn’t allow me to do it. It is suppose to be my right hand side border and I would like to apply a soil texture to it.

ANy idea why this is not working? Many thanks!

Cramond_Plan.skp (507.8 KB)

You can’t apply a texture there because there is no face for the texture. If you check closely, this is because the outline isn’t planar.

You have two choices of how to proceed. You can break the shape up into smaller ones by drawing edges across until you have faces and then soften the edges so the shape is a (non-planar) surface. Or you can edit the shape to move vertices so they are all on the same z height. Of course, if the topography matters, you can’t do the latter.

Thank you very much for your help. The fact that my outline isn’t planar was not intentional. I must have made a mistake as I was drawing the geometry. Is there an easy way to bring all the edges on the same z height without re-drawing the whole geometry?

I have used Fredoscale to get it flat.
You have it double wrapped as well, it’s a group within a component. In a case like this it is better to scale the raw geometry, so a couple of quick explodes then scale to 0.
Scale to 0
There are other flatten extensions available.

Makes total sense. Thank you very much for the crystal clear explanation =)

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