Another image overlay on surface from contours problem

Hi Folks
I’m a newbie, and hesitate to bother people unnecessarily, but I’ve been stuck for a whole day on this problem. I have read the previous posts on the topic in this forum, and I’ve watched many instruction videos on the topic, but I just can’t crack this … no doubt I’m making some small mistake along the way, but I can’t work out what.
I’ve got smoothing maxed out, no inverted faces, nice clean topo lines, nicely matched surface/image areas … heeeeeeelllllpp!!
Having seen some of the other posts of folks having similar problems I suspect it’s easier to address my issues with the file available - so I’ve uploaded it to DropBox

As you can see from the centre of the model - it just keeps making a faceted mess instead of keeping the image together…
Thanks in advance for some help

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That worked, first time, on exactly the file I’d been working on that I posted…
… wonder why it didn’t the other ten million times I tried earlier today … doesn’t matter, on to the next step


Exploding the Group and then painting while all is selected is not necessary or desirable.
Creating Groups and Components (grouping) is how we organize a model.
Grouped geometry is isolated, which protects it from inadvertent alteration.

Also, notice that immediately after exploding the Group, all edges and faces are selected.
Painting at that moment means not only the surface receives the material, but all the edges as well.
All you need to paint is the surface, not the edges.

Instead of exploding the terrain Group, simply open the Group for editing.
Note your texture on the face above is grayed out when you open the terrain group for editing.
No worries … the texture is still there.

Sample the projected texture with the Paint Bucket + Alt
Click the paint Bucket tool on the surface of the terrain.
Close the terrain Group.

Upon opening the model, a Layer named ‘surface’ was the active Layer.
Not good…

Moreover, every face and edge in the model has been assigned to a Layer other than the Default Layer0.
It would be wise to stop at this point and learn about the proper use of Layers in SketchUp.
As it is, you’re well on the way to modeling mayhem

Layers — SketchUp Help

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Thanks Geo - got that.

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