Problem closing Edges on Terrain so it is "Solid"


Hello I am new to Sketchup. I made the attached terrain and it is not solid. I have used thom thoms tool for solid and it indicated the eges have to be closed manually. i have tried everything but cannot understand what to do to make this solid. Can anyone help me ? many thanks
Edited to add - will try to upload the file


I don’t see the “attached terrain” in your post.


apoloTERRAIN TRIAL 3.skp (300.3 KB)
gies here it is


In order to make it a solid, it has to be an enclosed shape. Then make it a component or group.


Thank you very much for such a speedy answer Dave. I will try that (though a true newbie at this :wink: )
thanks again


And you need to look at face orientation, the Blue/gray faces are the back, you should only see white on the outside of an object.


You’re welcome.

The simple definition of a solid component or group is every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. That means no holes in surfaces, no internal faces and no stray edge segments.

Box beat me to the face orientation thing. Notice at the end of the GIF I switched the face orientation using Reverse Faces from the context menu. It was above the screen grab area.


okay need to read through this a few times will do my best :wink: thank you


Just to add one more thing, As I was drawing the edges, I use the Shift key to lock the direction so I could use the corners of your terrain as inference points. That makes it easy to draw the lines the right length. You can lock the direction with the cursor keys, right arrow for the red direction, left for green, and up for blue. I prefer Shift because it’s one key for any direction and my left index finger would be hovering over the Shift key anyway so I don’t have to look at the keyboard to choose the cursor key.


okay thats where i am struggling to get the line i draw to end at the right spot thanks


nifty trick ! ok i have the box under it. (very proud of myelf)
I am sorry but i cant find where to reverse faces and do i select the faces of the box all together or the faces of the box and the terrain ?
edited to say i cant find the context menu


Did you get all blue faces? (set the face style to Monochrome under View>Face Styles) If they are all blue, triple click on it with the Select tool and then right click on it. You should find Reverse Faces in the Context menu.


thanks i found it ! i think i reversed them . now i will make the component. it worked but it was odd when i made it a component, and used the solid tool from thom thom it showed 579 problems but i clicked on fix it and now its good to go !!! thanks a million Dave ! after struggling for 3 hours i finally got an answer :)) thanks


Glad to hear that you got it. It’s odd that you had all the problems detected by Solid Inspector. It was solid right when I made the component.


hmm i must have done something wrong as I am very new at this. I will try again. thanks again sooo much


You’re quite welcome.


I am a complete newbie. Your doing good


smiles thanks Jbraun and welcome


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