Closing open solids?

I’ve newly returned to Sketchup (Pro) after years in the parametric world. Things are going fine on a new project, but I’m getting some ‘open’ solids, where one can see inside. I’m making groups or components but sometimes a face of a solid is missing.

Are there ways of completing or closing these solids?

Thanks for your help!

Ed in Brooklyn

Yes, but how to depends on the problem.
Are there some very small edges involved?
SketchUp can’t create faces with small edges (<0.0254mm). You’ll have to scale up the group/component to get the shape closed. Then scale down again.
Otherwise share the model here.


Here is an example.

Seeing the stairs in the background, this is likely not about small edges.
I can’t tell what the issue is by your screenshot. Best if you share the *.skp file, the model itself.

sharing the file would be helpful indeed. Could be multiple of problems: holes, double geometry, tiny edges/gaps, loose geometry etc.

Quite possibly corners that are not coplanar or a group/component that needs to be opened for edit so that new edges can merge with existing.

I am having a similar problem. Should I discuss it here or somewhere else? I am a total new-by to this cad program. I am sorry to ask dumb questions. I have several planes that did not expand without being hollow, and see through from the back. some of the shapes worked fine. I have tried to redraw the shapes and I looked for dots or short lines. I don’t know why some of the from planes are working but not all. I will attach my file, if someone has time to look at it and give my a clue where I am going wrong.

Thanks very much. And what is the best book or CD to purchase so I can quit trying the self teaching method???

Mike…How do I attach my file???Attempted Router Cabinet 12262016.skp (42.5 KB)

I had a go at your file. For this kind of work I would split up the design into logical smaller elements. It resembles the actual design/construction process. If you open up the outliner tray you can see the individually named parts.

By splitting it up into smaller elements, the issues that prevent it to be a solid can be quickly fixed as well. I only had to fix: some stray lines, some backfacing faces and had to close the back panel.

Maybe you can find more info here:
Just google for ‘SketchUp’ ‘Woodworking’

Attempted Router Cabinet 12262016_2.skp (58.4 KB)

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Mike, I sent you a PM.

You need to group your files as you create them. Each board in your model really should be a group (or component if that applies) If you dont every new board you make is going to stick to the next one and be about impossible to edit.

Thanks very much. Your exactly right and great video to start with for my training. I know that I need to invest some solid time trying all the methods. The video is still a bit advanced. I see some of the shortcuts being used, like triple clicking. It will take a bit of time to gather all these useful methods into the bag of habits.

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Thanks very much for having a look at this mess that I created. Somehow in the night I had the feeling it had to do with having a complete drawing of each component as opposed to worrying about trying not to have double lines overlapping.

McMitch, I learned how to use sketchup by watching Jay Bates. I tried watching others, but his way of teaching just clicked for me. He is on Youtube, I tried to attach a link, but not sure if it is all his sketchy videos, or just one. Anyway if you click his playlists, you will see his Sketchup videos. I have found using sketchup for woodworking adds to my end quality, and saves me money by preventing mistakes.

Michael, Thanks for your suggestion of this YouTube source. Good Stuff.
Keyboard shortcuts. I am stumbling around to get a project done. I am using
the SU to think it through and get all my dims for cutting. I have no idea
how to get the parts printed out separately. But with use maybe I will
Thanks a bunch.

Look for the extension in extension warehouse “cut list” is takes all your parts and lays them flat and exports a file you can print with a list of your parts with sizes.

You are just getting to the point where the learning curve gets steep, don’t give up. I really does get easier. Attached is a little book that helped me, sure hope it is ok to pass along.

Sketchup duh-book.pdf (2.21 MB)

Thanks for the tip about the files that must be being automatically
generated. I will check that out. I thought there would be another step
involved to create those pages of individual drawings. You are right about
the curve. My years of using a different cad program are gettinh in the way
with my assumptions.

Thanks for the Dah-Book File…That will give me some good study time. I found the cut list extension add on program. But is there also a place that will print out a schematic of all the parts with or without dims already pulled up. In other words without separating the components manually and finding a good view and printing one by one, is there a place to order those drawings up?

I know these are the most novice questions…I only hope that I will someday repay the favor or your answers.


The Cutlist extension will create layouts for the parts if you want that. If you give your components suitable names, the sheet materials can be sorted from the solid wood and even hardware can be sorted into a separate part of the list.

If you want exploded or dimensioned views, you’ll need to make them yourself.

Dave, thanks for that reply. And I am ordering your book. I would have
thought that since the components are organized somehow as individual parts
maybe there would be a place in the program to pull them up individually
for machining prints. But I guess you mean for me to open the file and then
pull it apart and resave the individual components and put dims where
needed, which is kind of what I did. Thanks again and I look forward to
your DVD etc.

That is what cut list does, you will still have your original drawing. It adds a “scene”. What’s a scene, well you aint seen nutting yet if you don’t know what one is. For me to explain would take a long time. I did attach some files for you to see how it works. Click the main and the cutlist scene tabs to see how it works, after you initiate the cutlist extension. These images are in the same sketchup file.