Newbie needs help, cant close sides


Ive been going over some tutorial videos on YouTube, but I still have not found the answer Im looking for… I have drawn the part but i cant close the sides. If you could open the file and point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. I need to export the file to Aspire and if its not closed Aspire wont close it either. window frame sides.skp (276.7 KB)

edges are not on the same plane

explode gropued edge
conect edge manualy to make triangle face 1 by 1
use plugins like soap-skin-bubble with closed edges…

show hidden line
you’d better orient faces

Did you followed a blueprint or something?
The way this part looks is a bit weird !
I would use the Curviloft plugin to create the surfaces. Select the edges of the empty surfaces and run the plugin.



wow… thats cool… i have CNC machines, and its a part of an old car that
needs to be cut out. its a very strange shape… thank you for the
information - im going to go look for it