Newbie in need of help please


please can someone help me, i dont know what to search for on youtube, as i dont know what the problem or the correct term is.

I want to close up the sides of my model, but im not having any luck.

Ive attached the file

Thank you
Phazzerwindow frame.skp (127.3 KB)

Help_me.skp (168.9 KB)

Take a peek at this and compare with yours. I copied the bottom profile and made both ends closed rectangles. By doing a move copy of the curves you can see the one curves issues. Hand stitching the sides closed by connecting end points points to end points (green dots). Correct the left-side curve and hand stitch back and forth the top surface in between the two curves to close it. Hide or erase the lines it does not need to stay closed.

Hi mrwmrutski

Thank you for your reply and sketch, i understand how you connect if the faces are parallel - but i need them to be offset as I drew them. I managed to find some help via youtube under “closed curved surface” and that worked - but now im struggling to get the top piece to work in the same way. if i use "form contours’ then it makes extra faces…

Ive attached my progress, you will see on the first item how it sealed up. and the lines for the new one that done want to close…

any ideas?

:smile:window frame sides.skp (254.6 KB)