Help with a tapered extrusion


hello guys i need some help here please because i feel kinda dumb actually xd. how can i close faces which is looking like this??

& why its not so easy to create rounded faces or corner faces? is there any plug-in to fix this faces?


Various methods are possible, ranging from “stitching” by drawing lines to various plugins, but it is hard to say with confidence based just on an image. If you can upload your model, people will give you more definite answers.


Untitled.skp (538.8 KB) i attached my model ! thanks for your help


For your model the best approach is probably to stitch the edges together with the line tool, as shown in the attached animation. This approach has the added benefit of teaching you how to use the basic SketchUp tools to accomplish the task. You will notice in the animation that I had to zoom in and out to pick up matching endpoints because of the size allowed by the animation. That is the main limitation of the stitching technique: being sure you get the right endpoints for the lines. If you miss, you will see a face fail to form because the points are not coplanar.

When you have completed the surface, use the eraser while holding ctrl (alt on Mac) to smooth the edges.


Here are a couple of methods. You can use the Scale tool or hand-stitch as @slbaumgartner has so ably demonstrated. There are yet other methods.


(By the way, I’ve altered the thread title to give it a bit more discriminability as to subject, since “can someone help me?” would apply to essentially all of the posts here on the Help Forum.)


And with Fredos Curviloft plugin…


You guys are the best !!! Thank you all for you great effort !


best way to do it ! thank you !


I wouldn’t say it’s the best way, it’s more like one quick way.
Plugins should only make things faster, not make them possible.
If you don’t know how to do something the manual way then you are limiting your possibilities.
I can think of many ways to create the shape you want and each one would be inluenced by what I had already modeled and what I want to finish with.
Often learning a plugin too early hampers a proper understanding of a program.