Close a face


I am unable to close a face that is rounded.
Do you have a solution ?

Thanks for your help!


If you share the skp file, we can help.

Look at Fredo’s CurviLoft available from SketchUcation…
You also need his Lib…
Download & install both of them, then restart SketchUp to sync everything…

If you’re not a SketchUcation member there are various membership options - including a free one…

Unfortunately image is from web version.

The down side of posts not being put into the right category. I moved it.

In the free web version I think you’d have a lot of hand stitching to do.

Eleron.skp (171.1 KB)


Thank you for your answers.
I am attaching the skp file

I find it strange that sketchup cannot close a curved face.

Thanking you for your help,

It can close a curved surface. It’s much easier to do with the desktop versions but it can be done in the web version, too.

I started it to give you an idea. First, though, you really should keep your model close to the origin. It doesn’t need to be over 5 meters away.

Draw arcs at the levels between the bottom and top. Best would be to draw them between the vertices on the existing arcs. Then use the Line tool to stitch them together.

It would be much easier if this thing was symmetrical because then you could get away with modeling only half of it. That might not fit the thing you are modeling, though.

Many thanks for your response and for the time you spent on my problem.
So I will try to download the desktop version.
Yes the piece is extremely complex and I am only at the beginning. I think Sketchup is not suitable for overly complex pieces.

Thanks again, I would try your way if I get there.

SketchUp can be suitable for complex shapes but you have to know how to use it to get them.

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