How can I close this corner surface

I have these corners in an imported file and don’t know how to close them.
close surface.skp (16.1 KB)

The thing is very tiny so no wonder you haven’t got any faces. I’d convert the group to a component, weld each of the three curves and then use the Dave Method with Curviloft to generate the surface.

I’m sorry maybe this model works better for teaching. I can recreate the sharp corners and redo the round corners, but there must be an easier way.
close surface.skp (33.7 KB)

I have curviloft but never used it.

This example is larger. Curviloft is the easiest way. With the tiny one you posted first, you have to get around the tiny face issue. The Dave Method does that very simply.

And you’re asking for an easier way?


At the current stage with the edges already rounded, curviloft is the way to go as @DaveR mentions.

But you can do it with roundcorner when you haven’t done the rounding yet, might save you the hassle to use a follow me or other method to round them and get close corners from the beginning.

Thanks. I can’t tell what you did after clicking curviloft. It showed me the lines and I hit return and only part of it filled in.

After clicking on the green check mark icon I right clicked on the resulting group and exploded it. Then selected the geometry and softened edges.

The result you shows looks like what you’re get working on the first file you uploaded that is so tiny. It’s not the same as your second file.

Thanks, I keep forgetting about expanding it. I imported this stl and all the rounded corners were open.

Common when imported at such a small size. Import the .stl with import units set to meters and you won’t have the problem.

This corner looks like 1/8 of a sphere.

I would start with a sphere, remove 7/8 of it then close the three faces of the corner to expand them.

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