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I’m trying to close a shape so that it can be filled. I would greatly appreciate some help/advise… The line highlighted blue (pedestrian path) in the screenshot below is the shape I cannot close and fill. The SketchUp file can be downloaded from the Dropbox link below:

Thanks, Jonathan

I am thinking that you may need to include a little more info… From your image, it is not sure what you want closed, or why it may not be closing… You may benefit from sharing a model, as well…

Thanks Aaron - I have amended the original post to include a Dropbox link to download the SketchUp file. Also, I added some additional text information… hopefully this explains the issue.

I copied the block, then it automatically closed the face in the copy. I copied the new face and placed it on the original.

Another way to close the face:

  1. Delete the lines I did
  2. Draw the lines I did
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You could select the problem line, Cut, select everything, Group, then Edit/Paste in Place. That would give you the line ready for you to draw whatever lines are needed to close the area, without it trying to latch onto other geometry. You could Explode the group you made after fixing the area if you like, though it seems like a complicated scene to not use groups or components at all.

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Hi Colin, I tried this except because I’m new to using SketchUp I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have any groups or components … watching a youtube tutorial now haha.

I am new to using SketchUp so was not able to do what you have instructed… =/

It worked - thank you Forestr!

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Yes! I’m glad. :slight_smile:

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