Can't close a 2D shape

Hello all,
I’ve been using Sketchup for 3 years to draw 2D and 3D landscape designs for clients. The issue I have is in “closing” 2D shapes. This problem typically starts after I draw in curves to represent walls, patios, or beds but will then include straight edged shapes as well. I think the first instinct would be to assume I am no longer on a 2D plane but that is not the case. Sometimes simply deleting a line and re-drawing it will close the shape, but I feel like I end up re-drawing the entire thing multiple times line by line just to get the shape to close (so I could add a pattern or texture to that specific area).

kreider_project.design_2.21.22.skp (2.3 MB)

Hopefully it is clear where the darker lines are indicating an open shape. I will test these areas by drawing a line through them to see where it closes and or stays open. In the past, it meant that I had a line inside the shape or some other user error, but it in the last year I find that if I delete and re-draw it closes. My assumption is there is something I’m missing that is key to understanding what is happening and why. That is where I need your help. Thanks.


Ohhhh… So they are not on plane then… Okay. Thank you! Also, how do you do the video showing how you solve the problem?

Also, what is the easiest / quickest way to verify that I am on plane?

Use one of the ‘screen capture’ software, like Licecap or ScreenToGif.

You can use Text tool

Thank you so much for your help!

I find the easiest way is to start by drawing a rectangle much larger than what you want to draw. Then draw your lines onto that. Eventually you can just delete parts of the remaining rectangle you don’t need.

Another tip is to use the arrow keys as much as you can to keep on axis. Obviously that only works for straight lines that are parallel to axes but that usually means most of them.

Thanks. Yes, I always start my projects inside a larger square / rectangle to help with that. I also typically set up a lot of guides prior to drawing the lines for accuracy as well as staying on plane. It is the curves that throw me off and I know this, so I try to be more careful, but obviously not enough to prevent these problems from popping up. Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it.