Help, my lines and shapes are not turning solid

HI! I’ve been having a hard time in building our project and I really need to build the entire site today. For some reason my lines and shapes are not making a solid shape/surface. I originally was planning on a contoured surface and i’ve decicded to erase the contour since it’s not that visible and its hard to build on a contoured surface.

Now, my shapes and lines won’t close and there is no solid sorface for me to build on. Really need advice and help!

I’ve attached the file below! Would appreciate any help or suggestions!
site.skp (6.0 MB)

The plan you are working on and probably imported is very poorly made and is not 2D. You have many edges that do not close properly, having small gaps between them, and many of them are not in the same plane. If this is how you want the model to be, then you have a lot more work to do to create the surfaces.

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