Trouble making a closed shape!

I am really new to SketchUp and I am having a difficult time time trying to figure out how to close a shape. Or, make it solid though I do not think “solid” is the correct term here. I basically have a .5" x .5" x 5" piece of acrylic that has two edges sanded. I am just struggling for some reason to make this shape not appear “hollow”. Here is an actual pic and the .skp sample file for clarity. Thanks!


Brace (Actual)

Brace.skp (82.2 KB)

At the point you’ve got the model, the easiest thing might be to simply use the Line tool to connect the vertices on the curves. That will fill in the faces. Then you can select the edges and soften them to make it look like a single, smooth surface.

Another approach you be to draw a “cutter” and use it to cut the shape. Pass the “cutter” through the work and use Intersect Faces to intersect the cutter with the bar. Then erase the unneeded bits.

Dave, you’re a life saver. I did think about your second solution (approach) but thought there may be an easier way. I will try both of these approaches. Thank you for this.

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