Help closing a model please

Good afternoon.

I’m new to SU and am trying to make a solid model. I have tried it twice and can’t seem to get the ends closed to make it solid.

I’m sure it has to do with the curves in both the Y and Z axis.

00204VL900.skp (794.9 KB) 00204VL900_3.skp (52.2 KB)

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Upload the .skp file so we can see what you have and guide you in getting the problem sorted.

Just edited to include the model.

Fixing either will work.


So the problem is that the ends are not flat. If there were surfaces, they would need to be twisted. Is that what you actually want?

From the top view:

Hi Dave

In this case the fact that they are not flat is not an issue - just needs to be solid.

But if it was important, how would I model this to for flat edges. I’m sure the problem comes from extruding a curve along a curve.


It depends on how it needs to be shaped. One option would be to draw a face that passes through the shape and use Intersect Facess to intersect it with the shape. Then erase the unneeded geometry. Very likely there’s a better way to model the thing from the beginning. What is it?

Here it is with the ends just closed up.
00204VL900.skp (798.3 KB)

Thanks Dave

It’s the outer envelope of a chair arm that I will use to CNC the end radii.

Ahh… I see.