Another Face closure issue


I cannot seem to get these faces to close either. I have scaled it up by 50, I have undid all of the hidden geometry and lines so I can see what is going on, and I have drawn lines to all connecting vertices trying to get it to close but they will not. Some of the curved surfaces closed and others did not.


At first blush it seems like you should be able to draw horizontal lines across between corresponding vertices on the curves to close that upper surface. On the lower face it looks like you should be able to trace over any edge with the edge tool to form that surface. If neither of those techniques works, there is something else going on that is not evident from your image. Could you upload the model so we can check what is really going on?


How did you go about drawing that? There are a lot of faces that are reversed but shouldn’t be.


Man im sorry to bother you guys so much but you have helped me a bunch. I feel like I can get the drawings to happen but my technique needs work. Here is the model. I drew lines and then when it came time to do the arc, I drew the arc and then copied it to the other side. Pin idea.skp (150.5 KB)


Pin idea.skp (162.7 KB)

This was just a quick fix. All I did was draw lines from the end of each line segment to create the faces.


It might be quicker to redraw the upper side profile, pushpull it across, then draw arcs on the end of the top surface, and push pull them down to round the corners. That way, all the intermediate faces get drawn for you, and automatically smoothed.


As @john_mcclenahan observes, you are making things harder for yourself than necessary.

To get a clean start, I made copies of the side profile of the bracket and the face of the ring. Then I deleted the rest. I also tweaked the top vertex of the little vertical edge at the bottom left of the bracket because that edge wasn’t quite vertical (that was causing issues closing the face where the bracket meets the ring). Then:

I wasn’t careful to reproduce your original radius when rounding the top corners because it measured a slightly strange 290.948mm which probably wasn’t what you wanted anyway.