Can someone please help me close my open shapes!

Hello, I downloaded an SKP file that is a model of a warthog from the halo video game franchise, and I was able to successfully 3D print the SKP by converting it to an STL and slicing it in Cura. I want to print the model in 3 separate pieces as to allow me to make the model larger and glue it together. I have already separated the pieces of the model into 3 sections, but have absolutely no clue how to close the shapes that are now open since they have been cut down the middle. Attached below is the model that I have split, and I am planning on separating it into 3 different sketch up files and printing each one individually. If someone can please help me just close up each object so I can print them, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance! I have begun to learn how to use sketchup, but only know how to make basic 3D shapes. I have tried to draw a 2D shape using the line tool in order to follow the edges and close up the shape, but it refuses to lock to the outer lines and give me a shape that covers the whole opening. I just need a flat cover to closeup each shape. Thank you very much!!

changedwarthog.skp (1.3 MB)


The edges aren’t coplanar, you should correct this and you will be able to close the face afterwards…

(And you should cleanup no longer needed loose geometry too)

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I’m sorry, I don’t really understand how to do that kind of stuff, I really wish I did. Like I said I downloaded this model from the internet and I wanted to use it for a project I am making that would use this as the body for a remote controlled car I built from a raspberry pi and two motors. Would making the edges co planar be a difficult task? I think any of the points that don’t meet up is due to them being cut off, and they meet up on the other section of the car, thank you very much for the help! I am very sorry I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I don’t want to abandon the project because I think it will be really cool to do but I’m only a beginner to Sketchup. I originally wanted to modify it in AutoDesk Inventor since I have learned that program fairly well, but since it is not a solid object, that is not possible. Though I know the program fairly well, I do not have the skills to create my own solid model. I am just really frustrated because I have spent the past week trying to fix this problem nonstop, and I finally have gotten the part to split into the three pieces. At this point I am open to any ideas or anything if you could please help me, I am desperate. I have the original model if the issue is caused by me not doing a good job of splitting it into separate pieces? Thank you so much for your help, I am really sorry to bother you with my questions and problems.

Is this a school assignment or something just for yourself?

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It is just for myself, me and my friends coded and wired a remote control car that is controlled by another chosen computer on the same wifi network and we are just looking for a body to fit the electronics in. We are all fans of the halo franchise so we thought it would be cool to print out a warthog body since I just got a 3D printer a couple weeks ago.

Ok, it’s more difficult to show you how to fix it than it is to fix it. I put it back together and then split in half lengthwise, which allowed me to repair the inside, then I copied and mirrored just one side so it was identical. Reinstalled and repaired the steering then split it in three.
If your original is a good clean solid you should only need to place to planes through the shape and use intersect to cut through.

But anyway, here are the three sections. You should be able to export each individually as .stl. Set the exporter to export selected geometry only, then select each and export.
changedwarthogBox.skp (367.7 KB)


I cannot thank you enough, you have just saved this whole project from being scrapped, thank you!!!

I’m glad it helps, I can imagine how annoying it would be to have a new 3d printer and not be able to print the things you want.

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Yeah I just wish there was a way to easily modify STL files because I find so many cool things on thingiverse and other websites but I cannot edit them since I only know how to use Inventor which is for solid models. Any kind of conversion I’ve tried to do has resulted in an absurd reduction in quality. Thank you so much again!!