Projecting Aerial Image onto Terrain

Hi all,

I have a really tight deadline today and am really struggling with projecting an aerial image of a site onto the terrain that i produced with the sandbox plugin from contours. The image gets split between the edges of the terrain, whereas i was imagining it could be draped over the topography. Has anyone got any ideas? They would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

It would be easier for someone to help you if you could upload or link to your SU and image files.

Sorry if it’s a dumb question - you are using Projected texture? And have read the Help files?

Here’s one…

I have followed the projecting image over terrain tutorial but because the terain is made up of lots of faces, the topography is not smooth and therefore the projected texture becomes all splintered up. I have attached my file using wetransfer.

Hi David,

Revisit the third paragraph…

Here’s a cleaned-up copy of the model you can download from the 3DWH

To clear away clutter, the contours have been made a Component and moved off to the side.
All unnecessary entities, materials and layers have been deleted and the model file purged.

Also review this SketchUp Training Series video on Layers.
There, you’ll learn why what was found in the model Layer Manger pictured below, isn’t good.

That is brilliant. Thank you very much for helping me, I really appreciate it. Although i cannot seem to locate the file on the 3d warehouse…


The ‘picture’ of the model is a link to 3DWH.
Just click on the 3D Warehouse logo in the image.


Hmmm … Not sure why the image appears but the link fails. Try this one.

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