Applying a texture (google map photo) on to a terrain

I recently imported a topography as .dwg an build contour lines out of them. I have since then desperately tried to match the contours with a google maps satellite view. The result is really not what I was hoping for… The projected image is sliced terribly and not giving a good view of the future to be building location. Since the google´s own toggle terrain is useless here in Finland, I requested the topo (dwg) from local authority and thought I could easily map these + building on sketchup to have a better view of my project. Here on the left is an image of the location, right how it is now projected/mapped to the contour line surfaces…(paint bucket?) Any idea how to make this look more “realistic”?

Thanks for any assistance how to proceed in advance.

I looks like you have textured a group and not the raw geometry.

Resample the projected texture and …

Right click on the group > Edit Group/Component
Select all the geometry and right click on selection > Soften-Smooth. This will treat all the selected surfaces as one surface.
Apply the projected texture to the smoothed surface


Hi @Janne,

Perhaps the method described in this post will help you…