Projecting image over terrain


I’m having difficulty projecting a jpeg image over terrain.

I import an image ungroup and sample it with eyedropper

Then paint it onto the terrain

The flat parts of the terrain pant just fine but the image is all broken up on the hilly parts of the terrain.

I know this has got to be simple but cannot figure it out

Please Help.


Hi can you link the unwanted result ?


Note the breakup in Upper left

thanks for quick reply


Ok and what is the image you have to drop.


Ahh! I think I got the solution. I had been importing the jpeg as an image instead of as a texture. But I had not context-clicked and made it a projected texture. Even when I did this I then forgot to re-sample the image with the eyedropper tool.

It now appears fine.

But, I swear that last week it worked well by importing the jpeg as an image and then some combination of grouping /ungrouping / sampling allowed me to use the paint bucket and it worked.

What a relief!

Is there a good up-to-date tut on this?

Many thanks… I have a deadline and was going nuts


This function did never change, so “up-to-date” is relative :wink:

Importing Terrain from Google Earth?

Here’s a method that may work for you.

Above your terrain, create a single plane of geometry, the same size or a bit larger than the terrain.
Paint the plane with the texture.
Edit the texture transparency so you can see through it to the terrain below.

Set the camera in Top View and Parallel Projection.
Position the texture in relation to the terrain as needed.
Position Texture Tool — SketchUp Help

When the texture is in the proper position, right context click on the face > Texture > Projected
Turn off hidden geometry.
Smooth the terrain if necessary. It must be a Surface … Not individual Faces.
Soften Edges Dialog Box— SketchUp Help

Open the terrain group for editing.
Note your texture on the plane above is grayed out when you open the terrain group for editing.
No worries … the texture is still there.

Sample the projected texture with the Paint Bucket + Alt
Click the paint Bucket tool on the surface of the terrain.
Close the terrain group.

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Watched every video available, including most of Sketchup’s, and was literally pulling my freakin’ hair out trying to find what I had missed – so frustrated!!! Then, on 3rd day, took one more shot, and found this explanation. SO SIMPLE and right on the mark!!! Maybe I’m still dense, but at least I’m now moving forward again, and will never forget this solution. THANK YOU!