2d bitmap site plan projected onto terrain fails to conform to Google Earth topo when exported as kml to GE

Hello Skilled Persons.
I have projected a site plan onto a terrain secured through Sketchup’s Geo-location option, using the method described in Projecting image over terrain.

When I export this out of sketchup as a .kmz to view in Google Earth, and toggle terrain on in Google Earth, the site plan doesn’t rest on the terrain. It isn’t following the terrain contours.

Does anyone have a solution?


David Lanham

I wouldn’t be surprised if the terrain data imported with SketchUp’s geo-location feature doesn’t match Google Earth’s terrain. They come from different sources. I don’t know of a good solution short of trial and error for what you are attempting to do.

Does Sketchup accept Lidar data? I could create my own terrain.

There are extensions that will allow you to import point clouds. Have a search through the Extension Warehouse.

Thanks Dave. Since I don’t know what I’m doing with this stuff yet this issue has been a real challenge. I appreciate your help.

That would not necessarily help with placing. The GE terrain data is not LIDAR data but somehow inferred from satellite images, and in my tries (OK, I live on the edge of the world) wildly inaccurate.

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These plugins import the data formatted as a CSV text file.

Cloud v8.0bxx by Didier Bur | Updated by TIG

TopoShaper v2.3b by Fredo6

Example created with Cloud by D. Bur
Be aware large point clouds take time to process … ~45 minutes for this example

Seans Point Cloud.txt (858.3 KB)

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